Southern Green Hydrogen

Advancing Aotearoa's energy transition through clean fuel

Advancing Aotearoa's energy transition through clean fuel

Delivered by Meridian and Contact

About Southern Green Hydrogen

About Southern Green Hydrogen

Southern Green Hydrogen is a joint project by Meridian Energy and Contact Energy, to evaluate the opportunity to produce green hydrogen in Southland, New Zealand.

Southern Green Hydrogen is currently in the feasibility phase, of which there are four main components.

  1. Market Scan – A study by McKinsey and Co was commissioned by Meridian and Contact. The key conclusions from the study are that green hydrogen has strong export potential as well as the ability to deliver significant decarbonisation, energy security and economic benefits for New Zealand.  This study has been published externally.

  2. Feasibility Study – The first stage of a technical and economic assessment has been completed by an internal team from Meridian and Contact.  This assesses the scale, costs, logistics and technical risks associated with constructing and operating a green hydrogen facility. This report contains intellectual property and will not be published. 

  3. Dry-year Response A study on the benefits of operating a green hydrogen plant with dry-year response.  Dry-year response means the ability to reduce green hydrogen production when New Zealand’s hydro reservoirs experience low inflows, therefore reducing stress on the New Zealand electricity system.  This study is being peer-reviewed by Concept Consulting and this review will be published.

  4. A Registration of Interest (ROI) Process – This is now underway, inviting respondents to propose partnering opportunities to deliver a green hydrogen project.  These will be considered by Meridian and Contact as part of the feasibility phase and will inform a decision for the project to proceed to the detailed design and commercial structuring phase. You can find out more about the ROI process here. 

Why are Meridian and Contact working together?

Meridian and Contact are competitors in the New Zealand electricity market.  Under the Commerce Act 1986 (New Zealand’s competition law), competitors may work collaboratively where the scale, complexity, investment requirements and risk profiles of projects are such that neither party is likely to be able to progress the project independently. Southern Green Hydrogen is one such project.

Meridian and Contact have no commitment to proceed jointly or exclusively with any opportunities presented as part of the ROI process.  Entry by Meridian and Contact into any formal arrangements in relation to a joint project is subject to legal advice and approval from the New Zealand Commerce Commission (if advisable). 

How are Meridian and Contact working together?

 A comprehensive communications protocol (attached in Appendix 1 of the Registration of Interest), strictly governs our relationship and describes the process by which we can share information with each other. Both Meridian and Contact receive ongoing independent legal advice to ensure compliance with New Zealand’s competition law. 

By submitting registration of interest and signing the accompanying declaration, respondents acknowledge that they have read and understood the communication protocol, and agree not to act in a manner inconsistent with Meridian and Contact’s obligations under it.